As a marketer, as a content producer, and as a person - I’m driven by storytelling. Over the course of my career, I’ve had numerous opportunities to discover and tell the inspirational stories of others as on-camera talent for Foot Locker, hosting my own podcast for The Spring League, and conducting/editing written interviews for TapRm.

Foot Locker

During my time at Foot Locker, I became the de facto face of the brand’s YouTube channel. I conducted over 50 interviews at events where the brand hosted VIPs including some of the world’s most recognizable athletes like James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Odell Beckham Jr, and more!

The Spring League

In 2018, I launched a podcast for The Spring League called Spring Forward. I schedule and research guests, engineer, publish, and - most importantly - host the podcast. I published 22 episodes in the pod’s first season which focuses on the stories of the League’s players, coaches, executives and sponsors.


Every craft brewer has a story of how and why they got into the industry. I launched a written interview series called Brewer Spotlight for TapRm, a craft beer distribution start up, where I interview, transcribe, and edit the stories and inspirations behind some of the best micro brewers in the country. I also do photography for the series if in NYC.