michael egwuagu aka ify

Client: Michael Egwuagu

Location: The Domain, Austin, TX

Date: April 9, 2019

Objective: Michael Egwuagu, also known by his stage name Ify, is a former pro football player who has found his calling as a music artist and entrepreneur. He also yearns to give back both through action and inspiration. Due to his football days and music career, he already has a five figure Instagram following to his name, but hasn’t given the strategies to leverage that following to be the type of “influencer” he aspires to be - real, inspirational, motivational - much real thought. The photos from this shoot are to help him get a foundation of on-brand content to post. We also spent time over multiple days talking about his philosophies towards his personal brand, content strategy, and how to be an influencer on his own terms.

Requirements: Photography, Editing, Social Media Strategy, Influencer Marketing Consulting